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Total of 2095 Items uploaded and/or sold on skatezar!

How does skatezar work?

Skatezar is a reselling platform exclusively for skateboarders. Individual skateboarders, local brands and skateboard distributions can upload their items, for free. Skaters can then check the platform, use the skateboard-specific search filters, and message the seller.

No money flows through the platform and skatezar does not take responsibility for any transactions that happen on the skatezar platform. Skatezar simply connects buyers and sellers so they can message with each other on skatezar's live chat app.

Therefore, skatezar only works in local skate communities - and that is the entire point - we want to connect local skate communities and make skateboarding items cheaper.

Soon we will branch out our platform to a few cool features, such as local skate spot maps, community support events (Building skateparks in Uganda) and more...

No. Skatezar is purely a messaging platform. You should use the location filter to only see items in your local city. Then, message the seller and find a place to meet. When you're done with business, you can go skate too, but business first my g

  1. Create an account, for free
  2. Click on Sell
  3. Fill out the details

It takes less than 60 seconds to upload an item

2 skateboarders who don't want to spend 200 Euro a month on skateboarding. We can develop websites and we believe skatezar makes skateboarding items cheaper.

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Because its your lucky day.

Skatezar has not yet been established in your city - but with you it can be. All that skatezar needs is a community of skateboarders from a local city to upload their skate stuff.

If there are no items yet in your city, you can become a skatezar ambassador.

This means you will get free merchandise (t-shirts) and sticker packs from us; we will pay for shipping. We will also promote your skate account on our instagram .

All you need to do is to promote skatezar in your local community - you have to get 10 items online in your city.

If you want to become an ambassador for us, just send us an email at or DM us on instagram.

About Us

1. Make skateboarding items cheaper

2. Connect local skateboarding communities

SKATEZAR contest in Vienna, Austria

3. Give skateboarders a platform to sell their stuff

1. Make skateboarding items cheaper

2. Connect local skateboarding communities

3. Give skateboarders a platform to sell their stuff

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